Products featuring metallic finishes bring a clean, bright and different look to home remodeling projects, and especially for new kitchens. In addition to amazing aesthetic appearance, metallic finishes also provide great functionality because they don’t readily highlight dirt and are simple to keep sparkling clean with little more than a damp cloth. 
Some recent kitchen remodels have been spectacular enough to warrant coverage in online design websites and magazines. For example, a recent contemporary kitchen remodel designed and executed by Relo Interiors of Tampa, Florida, received feature exposure in Waypoint Living Spaces  where design expert, Connie Edwards, was clearly impressed with the ‘look’ provided by Relo’s stainless steel appliances and sink blended with aluminum cabinet doors. Other popular metallic finishes include brushed nickel, copper, brass and iron. One benefit of metallic finishes used in a modern kitchen upgrade, is the fact that these metals also reflect light, making the room brighter and cheerier.
Let’s face facts: The kitchen is clearly a key activity center in any home. It’s therefore a room you should feel comfortable to look at, work in and eat in at any time of the day or night. The Relo Interiors kitchen prominently featured in Waypoint Living Spaces meets that goal and much more. Note that wall cabinets have been very carefully selected to have the same size doors, providing a well-planned appearance that further enhances the contemporary look. The color scheme in the room is best kept neutral when metallic finishes are planned.

It’s pretty clear that we can expect to see an even greater use of metallic finished appliances and other products as time passes. We will also see different finishes blended together and well matched with wood, tile and other remodeling products to make upgraded kitchens the outstanding rooms in any household.