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Check out the awesome attributes of tile flooring

When it comes to elegance, design options, durability and life span, there are few floor coverings that can offer what tile flooring can. In fact, it’s a product that can easily be placed in nearly any home, and it becomes a complement to any room in which you choose to install it. With most floor coverings, you pick a specific, uniform look, but with this one, you can actually create unique designs that will truly be one of kind in your very own home. On the other hand, you can also go with a natural, minimalist look as well. The options are endless.

Relo Interior Services offers expert design assistance when it comes to this particular floor covering. You might have an idea about what you’re looking for, but together, we can take that and work with you to create the home of your dreams. From start to finish, your project will be treated as if it was our very own, with flooring and design specialists at your disposal, before, during and after the process. Serving the areas of South Tampa, Tampa Bay, Pinellas and St. Petersburg, we have a showroom located in Tampa, FL. We invite you to stop by to get your own process started, and see how we can help you transform your home.

Tile has so much to offer

Tile has been used to cover floors for thousands of years and homeowners today are just as excited to use it in their own homes. It is, by far, one of the most durable floor coverings on the market. The density and water resistance help make this possible, as does the fact that it is easy to maintain and hypoallergenic as well.
When it comes to designing your very own unique floors, tile is amazingly versatile. With porcelain, you can opt for an all-natural look that still maintains variety in style, color and design. Ceramic, on the other hand, offers a plethora of colors, styles and shapes that means you can create everything from solid colors, to patterns, to intricate mosaics. No matter what room you’re looking to cover, we can help make it entirely your own, from start to finish.

The unique relationship this product has with water means that you can use it in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and foyers, with no worries at all. Some people even choose to place it inside their showers, saunas and pool rooms for this reason. In such cases, be sure to speak with your flooring specialist about protective, nonslip coatings that should be applied for safety reasons.

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